Festive excesses - 7 ways to deal with it

24 June 2020 Nutrition

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The festive season is here and it involves families, friends, parties and food. Loads and loads of food. Rich, calorie dense, tempting food. How can you stay on track with your fitness goals during the festive season? Follow some of these useful tips to stay on track this season.

Make conscious, healthy choices

As far as reasonably possible reach for foods that keep you satiated and full for longer. Reach for vegetables and load up on them at the dinner table. Stay away from fried foods, sausages and other processed meats and stick to steamed and stir fried foods that are vegetable and lean meat based. Nuts are a good choice for your appetizers. But make sure you exercise some portion control with nuts since they are quite calorie dense.

Always plan ahead

There will be numerous parties that you will need to go to. Pick the ones that are most important to you to splurge at. If you have a dinner get together, try to eat better during the day by cutting down on carbs and fats as much as possible. This way you can splurge a bit at dinner while still sticking to you calories and macros. At the end of the day, it’s all about balance.

Skipping meals

Try to eat a small meal before the party so you won’t overdo it at dinner. Further you can save your cheat meals for the parties and dinner get togethers. If you intermittent fast, it may work well to change your eating window to allow for late night dinners. Be sure to not skip meals or starve yourself out of guilt the day after a big splurge, just get back to your normal routine.

The dessert table

I love sugar. It makes me happy. Sugar has that effect on most people and festivities always revolve around sweets and desserts. An effective way to stay in reasonable control is to stick to fruits like berries or fruit based desserts. Another strategy would be to know your weakness and pick the one dessert that you absolutely love at the spread and enjoy that without going all out and trying everything that has been laid out.

Alcohol & Hydration

Exercise moderation here. If you have to drink, stick to wine and neat alcohol along with zero calorie mixers such as ice, water and diet sodas while keeping away from beer and sugar laden cocktails. Most often sticking to just alcohol (in moderation) is not the problem. The problem is with the snacks and finger foods that we gorge on in the process. Stick to low calorie finger foods like carrot and cucumber sticks. Alternate drinks with water or club soda with a wedge of lemon. This will reduce the quantity of alcohol that you consume and keep you hydrated at the same time.

Stay active

Keep your workouts on track and get in that extra set and give your workouts a hundred percent during this season. Hopefully the excess eating will translate into some #gains!

Food is not the bad guy

Having said all that, stop worrying excessively about food and food choices. Food is not your enemy. Food nourishes  your body and gives you energy. Most of all food weaves a magic and triggers certain emotions and memories that make us happy. Lets keep food in its happy place. Always look at food positively. Understand that the quality of food that you put in your body helps in making your body run efficiently. Enjoy festive treats to stay in that happy place. Just don’t go over board. Its all about moderation and balancing things out.