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06 October 2020 Supplements

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The idea behind food supplements, also called dietary or nutritional supplements, is to deliver nutrients that may not be consumed in sufficient quantities in your diet. ⁣

Supplements, as the name indicates, only supplement your diet, they are not a replacement for a well balanced diet. ⁣

Here are the supplements we take to help us with our nutrition and health goals. ⁣

👉 Whey protein and/or vegan protein - Whey protein is isolated from whey which is the liquid portion of milk that separates during cheese production. ⁣

Vegan protein is processed from vegan sources such as soy, pea, brown rice or a combination of the above. ⁣

Is it a must to take? Not really. ⁣

If you are unable to get enough protein from your diet you can supplement with a protein supplement. ⁣

You would normally require about 0.7g/lb body weight. A little more if you workout regularly and your workout intensity is high. ⁣

Go to our YouTube channel to watch a video on how to pick a protein supplement.⁣

👉 Creatine - Creatine is naturally produced in our bodies. It helps with energy production by increasing production of phosphocreatine which is a precursor of ATP. ⁣

ATP is the key molecule that our bodies use for energy.⁣

It is the most well researched and safe supplement to take if you are into heavy workouts. 5g of creatine monohydrate per day does the trick. ⁣

Click the link in the bio and go to our website to read about the most popular supplements. ⁣

👉 Fish oil - We normally tend to get a lot of omega 6 fatty acids and not enough omega 3 fatty acids. ⁣

However we need a proper balance of both these to help with inflammation in the body. ⁣

Fish oil is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA). You would require about 1 gram per day. ⁣

Vegetarians and vegans could potentially use flax seed oil which is rich in ALA which the body converts into EPA and DHA. You could also use seaweed and algae based omega 3 supplements. ⁣

All of the above supplements are well researched and are generally considered safe to use. ⁣