How to perform push-ups correctly

01 October 2020 Training

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Push-ups are one of the best body weight exercises that can help you build strength in the upper body. They require no equipment and can be done anywhere.

However you need to pay attention to proper form and technique.

Starting position:
- Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart, by the side of your chest with your fingers pointing straight ahead or slightly outward.
- Your feet can be apart or touching each other.
- Keep your neck and spine neutral so that when you go down your chin will be the first point on your face that is closest to the ground.

- Align your body in one straight line without a sink or raise in the lower back and glute region.
- Tighten your glutes and core and get ready for your push-up.

Now for the action:
- As you go down keep your elbows tucked in and close to your body without flaring.
- Once your arms are at 90 degrees or if you want to go deeper ensure your chest touches the floor, push up to come back to start position where your arms are now straight, locked out and shoulder blades are protracted. Repeat the same action.

You can see the top and bottom position in the picture.

- You can start with wall push-ups or have a buddy help out with bands.
- You can also try kneel down push-ups.

Advanced :
- Once you are a pro at body weight push-ups you can move to weighted push-ups, decline push-ups, single arm push-ups etc. There are many variations of push-ups out there that you can have fun with.