Are Wrinkles Ugly?

01 October 2020 Wellness

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I recently posted an insta story of my hand when I injured my finger working out. I got asked by people I know and don’t know as to why I didn’t use filters to cover up the wrinkles on my hand and that it looked ugly.

Yes my hands are wrinkly, and yes my hands have enough calluses to make the stem of a rose feel soft. But these are the hands that have held, caressed and nourished my children. The hands that pressed the tired heads and bodies of the people I love. The hands that I join in prayer everyday. The hands that have cooked, cleaned, washed dishes, scrubbed, boxed and lifted like a boss. The hands that have treated thousands of patients conscientiously. The hands that someone I know thinks are the most beautiful in the universe. The hands that someone has held in theirs, so close to their heart and looked into my heart and soul and said, “I love you”. And that is why I love them despite their wrinkles and calluses.

If I had to love only all things perfect then I could never love at all. Because perfection is a state of mind and beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Don’t judge me for what I am by looking at my hands, my feet, my face or my body. I don’t judge you.

Be proud of your calluses and wrinkles. You’ve earned them through hard work and life experiences!