Fixing bad posture

01 October 2020 Wellness Training

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I’ve bad posture related issues for a long time. The reasons for this are multi fold.

1. I’ve played racquet sports since I was a little boy, starting with tennis, to badminton and playing table tennis for Tamil Nadu and captaining Anna University and now finally squash. In my younger days I didn’t have much guidance when it came to sports fitness. Warmup was a jog and perhaps some mobility drills and then you were ready to play. No strengthening whatsoever. This has led to a lot of imbalances over time.

2. Working as an IT consultant to now running my software company has meant a lot of time spent slouched over a desk. This has had its own negative impact on my posture.

The funny thing is, none of these things actually bothered me or had much negative impact on my life till my mid 30’s. That’s when the decades of neglect starting affecting my body, from back pain and sciatica to drooping shoulders.

And now, lifting weights has just highlighted the muscle imbalances and posture issues even more. I had started addressing these a few months ago by incorporating a lot of unilateral work and strengthening of my entire posterior chain and one of the exercises that has helped the most when it comes to posture, has been face pulls!

This is an exercise I believe just about everyone should be doing every other day if not every day. And combined with band pull aparts, it will make a world of difference to your posture. Try it out!